Some people are nervous coming to their first class but there's no reason to be. It's not as hard as it looks and we'll have you dancing in no time!

Can I come alone? Yes, of course! We have both ladies and men who come alone every week and usually the balance works out pretty well. We change partners every song or two and so you can try out the moves with lots of people and it's a great place to make new friends.

What should I wear? Comfortable clothes, semi-casual clothes - ie: what you would wear in a relaxed restaurant. Preferably shoes that don't cling to the floor, (girls especially) but what you wear is not very important in your first class.

Do I need a partner? If you have a friend that might like to join you, feel free to bring them along, but most people come along alone and it usually works out with a good balance of leaders-followers. We switch partners every song or two so you can try out all the moves with various dancers which we find is the best way to learn!

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