The Teachers

Dynamic Tango is run by John Rownan in 2012.  John is the main organiser and teacher and he invites guest teachers to work with him both on a regular basis and for special workshops.

John is originally from Dublin where he began to dance in 2004, but he learned to dance tango mainly from his extended trips to Buenos Aires, taking classes in all styles of tango with traditional milonguero maestros and Tango Salon proligos to more modern Tango Nuevo styles. He enjoys blending traditional movements with modern and feels it is important to understand the aspects in each of these to develop your own style that is comfortable, in balance, rythmical and most importantly enjoyable.

John started to teach Tango in Dublin in 2006 with Erika Lerma but in 2009 he moved to Berlin where he began to work with Ci├ža Camargo. From October 2009 - 2011, John explored the world often DJing and teaching in many tango scenes across the globe as far as Moscow, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia as well as in Dublin, London, Berlin, The Hague and many other European cities.

In 2012 John taught in Holland from January-March with Zaneta Leonidi at the school Tango Sentimental, before returning to Dublin and establishing Dynamic Tango.

John teaches with various teachers both resident and often visiting teachers from across Europe. He also organises the Dublin Festivalito, an International Tango Festival as well as the International Dublin Tango Marathon!

Tango Music
John is also a well known International Tango DJ and event organiser.  He regularly DJs locally in Dublin but also internationally at Tango Marathons and Festivals across Europe such as the Cagliari Tango Festival, Amsterdam Festivalito, Florence Tango Festival, Mantova Tango Festival, London Tango Marathon, Bergen Tango Marathon, Brussels Marathon, Budapest Marathon, and the Dublin Festivalito, Dublin Marathon and Berlin Oktoberfiesta, and Berlin Festivalito which John also organises.


"John gave clear, no-nonsense classes which stripped the doubt away from the foundations of tango. A few of his simple tips have become the bread-and-butter of my life on the dancefloor." James Hudson (Turku, Finland)

"John described ways of enhancing the fundamentals that we could put into practice, and then be with us in our practice so that our bodies learned what he taught. He choose related topics that built on those fundamentals - the kind of finesse that eases. Musicality was present in every class, and also explicitly taught. I had just met John, and his welcoming Irish hospitality attracted me. He really did give one of the best of many workshops I attended!" Mary Anne (Calgary, Canada)

"I took my first Tango steps with John 3 years ago and continue to take his classes when I can. He has the great ability to teach the feeling of a movement and break down the dance so clearly which makes you learn so fast. And it's always good fun!" Niamh Williams. (Dublin)

"I took some workshops with John and Lia at the Dublin Festivalito this summer (2011). I really liked their style of teaching because they pay attention to the little things that matter which can make a huge difference in how you dance.They are both very warm, giving and friendly teachers" Martin McGhee (Dublin)